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[VIP Attorneys please call bars CK?]

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ABA American Bar Association 

[ Yes No ? ] 

We follow and strive first to

comply with ABA suggested

advertising ethics rules we

have been able to find. 

Unknown yet If we do, or do not,

or can comply with National

ethics rulesopinions or suggestions?

Alabama (SEE BAR) Ethics inquires 

Call: 1 (800) 354-6154Email:

ethics@alabar.org1 (334) 269-1515

Mr.Tripp Ethics helpline

Alaska (SEE BAR

1 (907) 272-7469

Fax: fax: 1 (907) 272-2932

Email to: ]

[ Can comply w/State ethics rules? 

Arizona (SEE BAR

compliance@staff.azbar.org1 (602) 340-7239 

[ YES ] [ AZ State Bar has indicated

we seem to comply

w/State ethics rules. ]

Arkansas (SEE BAR)

ethicscounsel@arcourts.govSupreme Court 1 (501) 682-6849 

[ See: rules Ar courts

Office of professional conduct 1 (501) 376-0313

[ left a phone message 3/22/2023

No response 

California (SEE BAR

research assistance

Ethics Hotline at 1 (800) 238-4427 

other inquiries 1 (213) 765-1200 

Start HERE


Colorado (SEE BAR) [ ? ]

Phone 1 (720) 625-5697Email: calling committee

John Jostad 1 (970) 310-1358

or: Heather Whitman

1 (303) 513-2110 

[can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Connecticut (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]

Staff is available via telephone

phone: 1 (860) 263-2400 M-F 8:30 - 5 pm, or by

email at:

disconnected 1 (860) 568-5157  [LEFT A MESSAGE] no response.

[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

*Delaware (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ] 

Ethics Hotline ODC at: 1 (302) 651-3931  

Advise the receptionist its a hotline call.

Email Ethics Hotline at:

arms_odc_ehotlinearms@delaware.govNo answer at:

1 (302) 739-4155

[ can comply w/State ethics rules?]

District of Columbia [Bar]

Washington D.C. 1 (202) 626-3475Legal Ethics Helpline:

1 (202) 737-4700 ext. 1010


Florida (SEE BAR) 1 (850) 561-5832 

[ Yes we can] 

Inquire w/Bar # FL Ethics Hotline at 1 (800) 235-8619

Qualifying Provider Rule

[ We are in the application process ] 

[ Lawyer "Advertising Regulation and

Information," at:


[ We as a qualifying provider we

must send in notice quarterly, 

[annual report on or before each

June 1ST ]

(We must give participating lawyers

documentation of compliance with

bar rules;.

All participating lawyer within

15 days must send in a letter

of participation

to Monica Burks:

also date of unsubscribing -

(within 15 days) 

Georgia (SEE BAR)

Lawyers with ethics dilemma

contact the Ethics Helpline at: 

1 (404) 527-8741 or

1 (800) 682-9806 Or log in and submit your

question by email. Or call:1 (404) 527-8700 [can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Hawaii (BAR) [ Yes No ] or
call: 1 (808) 587-0460
1 (808) 537-1868 ?

Disciplinary = 1 (808) 521-4591 

[ can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Idaho (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]


1 (208) 334-4500 

Fax: 1 (208) 334-4515 or

Fax: 1 (208) 334-2764

[can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Illinois (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]

ISBA members can call

ISBA Ethics Info line

at: 1 (217) 747-1452 

1 (312) 565-2600


[ can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Indiana (SEE BAR) [ Yes No]
call: 1 (317) 639-5465

Toll free: 1 (800) 266-2581
Fax: 1 (317) 266-2588

[ can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Iowa (BAR) [ Yes No ]

1 (515) 243-3179 

Chair, Ethics and Practice Guidelines Committee Iowa State Bar
[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Kansas (BAR) [ Yes No ]

Topeka, KS
call: 1 (785) 234-5696  
Fax 1 (785) 234-3813
1 (785) 296-8409 

[ can comply w/State ethics rules ]

Kentucky (SEE BAR) [pdf.]

For any issues contact

the Membership Dept.

at: support@kybar.org1 (502) 564-3795[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Louisiana (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]

1 (504) 566-1600  

Or: 1 (800) 421-5722

Or: 1 (504) 566-1600 

Or: 1 (504) 830-5463Fax: 1 (504) 581-8598[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Maine (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ] 1 (207) 632-1121

1 (207) 622-7523 ext. 1221

can comply w/State ethics rules? ] 

Maryland (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ] 1 (410) 685-7878

1 (800) 492-1964 Email: info@msba.org1 (410) 260-3635

1 (410) 685-7878[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Massachusetts (SEE BAR) [pdf.]

Boston: 1 (617) 338-0500 West Mass 1 (413) 731-5134

1 (617) 728-8750  

[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Michigan (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]


Phone: 1 (517) 346-6300
Toll Free:

1 (800) 968-1442 

1 (888) 726-3678Advertising 1 (517) 346-6315

Fax: 1 (517) 482-7833 [ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Minnesota (SEE BAR

State Bar Association
Phone: 1 (612) 333-1183
Tool Free 1-800-882-6722

[ 1 (651) 222-0846 ]

1 (651) 296-2254 

[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Mississippi (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ]
info Membership 1 (601) 355-4619 or 


1 (601) 359-3694 

[ can comply w/State ethics rules ] 

Missouri (SEE BAR) Supreme Court
Legal Ethics Counsel: Melinda J. Bentley

Phone: 1 (573) 638-2263Fax: 1 (573) 635-88061 (573) 635-4128   

[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Montana (BAR)

Email: ethics@montanabar.orgEthics Inquiry to: General Counsel

Office 1 (406) 442-7660 

Fax: 1 (406) 442-7763

1 (406) 442-7660 ?

1 (406) 447-2211 

[ can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Nebraska (SEE BAR) Supreme Court
Counsel for Discipline
Call: 1 (402) 471-10401 (800) 927-0117

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Nevada (SEE BAR) [ Yes No ? ]

[ State Bar’s ethics hotline:

1 (702) 382-2200

or toll free 1 (800) 254-2797. ]

Hot line 1 (800) 254-2797

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules ? ]

New Hampshire (BAR) Ask

: Ethics committee or liaison

Robin E. Knippers, 1 (603) 715-32591 (603) 224-5828 or

1 (603) 224-6942 

[ Can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

New Jersey (SEE COURTS)

Ethics Hotline

#: 1 (609) 815-2924 or

1 (609) 403-7800

[ Can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

New Mexico (BAR) [ *Yes possibly ]

General council: or

1 (505) 797-6000  

We are on the right track to comply.

We can comply w/State ethics rules.

[wants to see end plan later]

New York (SEE BAR) [ Yes No? ] 

Esq. Hot line

or attorneys can email

1 (212) 428-28001 (518) 463-3200

[We can comply w/State ethics rules?

North Carolina (BAR

or by emailing:[ Yes No? ]  1 (919) 828-4620

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

North Dakota (SEE BAR

Hotline at 1 (701) 328-6000 or

Email:[ 1 (701) 255-1404 ] [ Yes No ]  1 (701) 328-2221 

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Ohio (SEE BAR) [pdf. ]

1 (614) 466-7090 or 1 (800) 750-0750


1 (614) 387-9320   

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Oklahoma (SEE BAR

or dial direct 1 (405) 416-7055

or1 (405) 416-7000

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Oregon (SEE BAR) [pdf.]

1 (503) 378-5105or mail@ogec.oregon.govEthics Helpline: 1 (503) 431-64751 (800) 452-8260   ext. 0 

1 (503) 620-0222  [ We can comply w/ethics rules?]

Pennsylvania (SEE BAR)   

Ethics Commission 

Email:  Or call 1 (800) 932-0936  Or call 1 (717) 783-1610Or call ethics Hotline,

1 (800) 932-0311


1 (717) 238-6715 ]

Chief Disciplinary Counsel

1 (717) 783-0990

1 (610) 650-8210 [ We can comply w/State ethics rules?]

Rhode Island (SEE BAR)

Call: 1 (401) 222-3790 or email: (401) 421-5740     

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules?]

South Carolina (SEE BAR

1 (803) 799-6653  ext. 183

or read page and find emaillink for Courtney Troutman

SC Bar members only.


1 (803) 799-6653 

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

South Dakota (SEE
or call 1 (866) 228-9119

1 (605) 224-7554    

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Tennessee (SEE BAR) [ Attorneys

complete the form to submit

an informal inquiry,

or call 1 (800) 486-5714Board's Ethics Counsel] or call:

1 (615) 361-7500  

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Texas (SEE BAR) [ pdf.] [ email:
or call: 1 (512) 427-1726 ]

[ Send email


1 (800) 204-2222 

ext. 1477 

Advertising review dept. and or


Texas Center for Legal Ethicsor call: 1 (512) 427-1477

1 512-427-4125 Fax ; Email

at: info@legalethicstexas.comCall:

1 (800) 566-4616
Changes to rules approved

coming soon

[ Thinking we can comply w/State

ethics rules? ]

Utah (SEE

Ethics and Compliance

And or see:

Office of Professional Conduct:


Call: 1 (801) 531-9110 

Fax 1 (801) 531-9912 

Hotline 1 (888) 206-6025

1 (801) 531-9077  

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Vermont (SEE BAR)

Professional Responsibility Board:

Call: 1 (802) 859- 3000 

And or: 1 (802) 828-3204 

1 (802) 828-3281 

Michael t 

word press guy? see:

Michael blog

at 1 (802) 859-3004 

or email him at:

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Virginia (SEE BAR)

Virginia lawyer may request:

Written legal ethics opinion (Word doc) or (fillable pdf)

Call: 1 (800) 215-7854  Or 1 (703) 659-6567 or

1 (804) 775-0500 ) or

* 1 (804) 775-0530


Washington State (SEE BAR

Ethics Line: 1 (206) 727-8284 Or call:

1 (206) 443-9722  

Written advisory opinion may

be directed to: Sandra Schilling,

at:[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Washington DC

(See District of Columbia,

top of this page)

West Virginia (SEE BAR

Ethics Commission:  ethics@wv.govAnd or call: 1 (304) 558-0664

Or 1 (866) 558-0664 or

1 (866) 989-8227  

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Wisconsin (SEE BAR) Ethics hotline, 

Call: 1 (608) 229-2017 or 1 (800) 254-9154And or: 1 (608) 266-8123


1 (608) 257-4666     

Office of Lawyer Regulation

Call: 1 (877) 315-6941 [We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Wyoming (SEE BAR) Ethics Hotline
Contact Mark

at: 1 (307) 432-2106Email: mgifford@wyobc.org1 (307) 632-9061      

[ We can comply w/State ethics rules? ]

Guam  [Bar1 (671) 989-4227 


Virgin Islands  [Bar]  

1 (340) 778-7497   

Tanisha Bailey Roka

Disciplinary Counsel

Puerto Rico (Bar)

1. We at InternetSafe LLC are not (lawyer owned) nor attorneys, lawyers or

a law firm. We will not ever offer legal advice, we will not use celebrity endorsements.

2. Contact and check your state Bar or Court ethics rules if we are advertising and

marketing compliant.

3. See: Email example that we sent to your bar,

at the bottom of this page, to create your own inquiry,

Email to states

Subject line:

Regarding ethics rules on advertising, marketing:

Email content: 

Hello, from Brett Paulson: CEO of InternetSafe LLC, an honorable, very ethical intending online publishing company.

I/We do not and never will offer legal advice, and are not asking for legal

advice from your state yet: Until we secure and engage with "VIP Attorneys"

in each state including VIP Attorneys from your state that will contact you,

on our behalf, at a later date, for ethics rules compliance opinions about our business plans and your states attorneys participation with us. If we seem

to be clearing the ethics rules bars, or courts on advertising and marketing.  

We simply ask that you may at this time please indicate hints of, if we

seem to be on the right track to become, or how we can become more

advertising-marketing, ethics rules compliant with your state?

To indicate your knowledge, we need to learn so we can customize our

business and websites plans and blueprints to be compliant, with all

states, so to avoid by setting early on, changes to our plans, from such

that which may or could cause disciplinary or reprimands, or any other

adverse actions that could be taken, of any of kind, against attorneys,

lawyers, law firms or against us, from any states, to Ethics Rules compliant, including with your state, preventing such problems for attorneys

 participation with us, or problems for us from any or your state?

As we become more confidant we are meeting compliance with all states permissible, including your state ethics rules" especially on "advertising and marketing", as we engage with more such VIP Attorneys across the nation.

I/we will then offer:

An opportunity for all attorneys hopefully nation wide, to add them selves

free to our Attorney Database, either by automation with monthly subscription to our "currently under construction" rotating biannual Lawyer Magazines, namely at this point in time: Attorney Magazine, Law Firm Magazine, and soon others like US Legal News, all inclusive for the same single 1 minimal monthly magazine subscription cost national publications.

Or non subscribers "who wish not to subscribe" but wish to be listed in the

attorney database by link that is also, totally free at no cost or charge of any kind, nearly the same but not so automated link provided directly below any of our subscription links.

All at totally free at no cost, (No sign up, No Join, No Login) for attorneys, lawyers, law firms and or for the public either.

These free publications containing articles authored by the same who have elected to be listed in our Attorney Database attorney both subscribers, and or non subscribers who are concerned and care enough to be proactively sharing their stories and concerns in local, state and federal legal issues, with their attorney counter parts, of other legal professions, caring subscribing or not Attorneys, lawyers and law firm constituents across their state and the nation who have completed our intake form and have been added to our Attorney Database, will be able to submit their, attorney authored articles for posting in such publications free, in witch some of the top articles submitted will earn prestigious, honored front page story positions. 

After we feel we have reach ethics rules compliance permissible, with all of or most states, attorneys who are, or are not paying for subscriptions, who are listed in our Attorney Database will have the right to submit for posting there stories free. 

First issue, or year or issues and or few years will be virtual non public publications "only", until we learn more about if and how the publications

can be made available to the public without violating any states

advertising and or marketing, ethics rules pertaining to such.

Do you think at later date in time would our selling the virtual or actual soft copy lawyer magazines to the public create any conflicting

disciplinary or other types of issues with your states ethics rules on


Growing as we learn, how we are, how we need to twist our plans to stay

ethics rules to be compliant with each and every state possible.

Please indicate you feeling on this matter of making our publications public

as well in your response?

We are "not" trying to be a highly licensed regulated lawyer referral service now, (yet) or if ever. However we are a lawyer matching provider.

We do not, will not, claim to be a lawyer referral service, at this time,

unless required to be so by your state, and can easily comply.


Attorney's lawyers and law firms, lawyer magazines subscribers after

subscribing will be redirected, to nearly the same :Attorney Database intake form as non subscribers, "to be created for the public benefit," free.

at (no cost, No sign up, No Join, No Login)  for attorneys, lawyers, law firms 

and or the public, Attorney Database intake form, where attorneys will submit their business and contact information:

Including state bar or court number, then select areas of law, to be listed 

"free", in the free, public searchable, by use of Attorney Genie, Find Attorney,

"Attorney Database" AKA Lawyers Database of who will be labeled as 

Verified, by us as we learn the subscriber (is) licensed to practice law,

and or are Bar and or court members, who want to be listed,

so to be found, and contacted by the public use of free Attorney Genie

search tool, that renders non preferential results, other than distance from

searcher, labeled as Verified, after we confirm they are Legitimate, state 

Bar or Court members, and in area of law selected from our proprietary, 

Attorney Database, AKA Lawyers Database.

Non-subscribing, attorney, lawyers, law firms can also be added, but

labeled as non-verified, still listed free in our attorney database, without

subscribing to our lawyer magazines, by clicking a non-subscriber link

that is and will be provided on our websites, on the same page, directly

below subscription payment links.

The non-subscribing Attorneys lawyers and law firm's links, will take them

non subscribers to the same looking type of intake form, very similar to,

as subscribers intake form. they can be added there to our attorney database, labeled as non-verified equally free, at No cost!

* "No sign up, No Join, No Login for attorneys, lawyers, law firms and or

the public". 

*We do not, will not use any famous or not spokesperson or spokespersons. 

We believe that we have created with this free business model to be the

premium, ethics rules compliant, free lawyer matching, attorney database

by use of our Attorney Genie search tool, to be utilized on many of our planned 

lists and directories websites, such as, but not limited to: ® ™ (input-output)

and more.

Do you agree?

Pertaining to your states attorneys, lawyers and law firms participation in our

non lawyer owned, nationwide simple: "Lawyer Matching" platform,

Free, No pay, No Fee Splitting, No Pay Per Click, Non Referral,

Lawyer Matching Attorney Genie search tool, rendering true, non preferential, contact results from our proprietary Attorney Database, of all attorneys lawyers and law firms who have chosen to be listed free, searched by state, within

selected distance of miles from the searchers selected state, zip code and or county provided,  areas of law selected, by the public searcher, closest matching

that results of areas of law that the listed attorneys, lawyers and law firms also selected.

Before we move forward securing out VIP attorneys in your state to inquire

with you, for us, on our behalf, to affirm further our current business plans

and blueprints,"ethics rules" high compliance level, with your state:

The question is:

Can we be or are we already in line, and on the correct path to be

considered by your state, on the because offering the free public use of

our attorney Genie search tool to search our free Attorney Database as a

compliant, with your state, a nationwide, all states, free lawyer matching

provider, with our free searchable by state, zip, county, or particular distance from the particular public searcher zip code, in areas of law, provided by the attorneys, lawyers, and law firm Safe verified by us, with their matching 

contact information provided on their intake form, including, but

not limited to their names, DBA's, locations and state bar

or court numbers?

Our goal for the past 10 years, has been to compose our online websites

blueprints to comply with all, or as many as possible, U.S. Bar associations

and courts Ethics Rules, after many shifts in plans.

We believe we now have a ultra premium, free, Lawyer Matching

Attorney Database, compliant, Lawyers Database.

D o you agree? If not please explain?

Last I spoke with some one at your state bar or courts, about 4-5 years ago,

I was left with the impression we were on the right track to be compliant with your state. We learned much from different states at that time, we needed to completely modify our plans, and blueprints, as we have now revised. Since that time its been difficult to reach anyone.

If you feel we cannot or its impossible to comply with any of your states

advertising ethics rules, please let us know, so we can change our plans

and blueprints to fit, or prevent participation from or in your state attorneys?

Mean while states like Florida had in 2018, changed their lawyer advertising ethics rules barring lawyer referral services, to permitting  lawyer matching lists and directories services to lawyer matching "providers" QPS qualified provider" service, of lists and directories, rather than the very extreme complexities or actual impossibilities of becoming a referral service.

We do not recommend any particular lawyers, attorneys, or

law firms over another other than that as our attorney database

renders from search criteria entered by the public.
Not one over another lawyer for any other reason.

If this helps:

We are aiming our business model to comply fully

and be approved, applying soon with the new
FL 2018 Supreme Court ruling for State of Florida ethics

rules for "QPS" Qualified Provider Service.

We trying very hard, and prefer not to be forced to ban any states

attorneys participation because we missed clearing the ethics rules,

on advertising and or marketing.

Some states also require: Us to comply with the state, we need to

provide a link to its state licensed permitted referral services,

is this the case with your state, please indicate?

Please provide that link and where you would require or prefer we place it,

on our website or database pages, and any other requirements to help us plan on how to comply with your state ethics rules, in your response?

I only ask a few minutes of your time for you to explore if II/we are on

the right track for complying as a simple lawyer matching service

compliant with Your state ethics rules on marketing advertising,

Please call any time after

9am PST at: 1 (775) 673-1000

Send from only

Thank You CEO Legal App

Brett Paulson Admin / Chairman
InternetSafe LLC ⓒ 2016 - 2023


Ethics Rules links VIP Attorneys help us learn how to be, or if we are already

currently compliant with their particular state Lawyers Ethics, Bar Laws,

on advertising with each state lawyer bar.

The main purpose of this page is to provide ways to: lookup, contact, record,

and track each State Bar or court, Ethics rules compatibilities with us on

advertising and marketing per state, for subscribing to our lawyer magazines,

that includes your free attorney database listing, searchable free, by only

agreeing to terms and conditions, without the public or attorneys creating

any account, without joining, or logging in, to any of our ethical,

conservatively, advertised lists and directories. 

We strive to always learn to act ethically connecting subscribers and non subscribers to the public free."Ethics Rules compliance opinions are

perceived from each State bar and or Court VIP Attorneys inquiries.

Note: (ALL ATTORNEYS) are responsible to call and check directly with your

state bar or court to learn (if) we are a compatible as a free lawyer

matching service or qualified provider service for your particular state
Lawyers Ethics Rules on advertising and marketing. 

Contact us if you have more questions or:

Submit your findings to us at or dial 1+ (775) 673-1000

Business hours Monday - Friday: Open 10 am - 10 pm / PST.

Below are each States ethics rules compliance indications

we have ascertained to date, for our

free to all Attorney, Law Firm, lawyer matching service. 

TO: See letter sent to each state look at the bottom of this page: