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*Accepting new clients (usually) (Required).

*Offering a minimum of 1 - 3 minutes free legal consultations (Required).

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Select your areas of law:

Administrative law
Admiralty law
Adoption law


Agency law



Alternative dispute resolution
Animal law
Antitrust competition law

Appellate Law

Appellate Criminal

Art and culture law

Acquisitions mergers law

Banking law
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Business Law

Bankruptcy Consumer Law
Big rig Truck Accidents


Brain Injury 

Boating Accidents
Business Bankruptcy

Business - commercial - litigation law
Business corporate and organizations
Camp Lejeune water injury

Capital markets

Canon law

Cannabis law
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Child Abuse

Child Custody

Child Support
Child Welfare Law 

Child  Visitation


Civil litigation
Civil common law

Civil rights Civil Trial Law
Class actions and litigation
Closely held business


Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial Real Estate Law
Company Computer
Competition Compensation

Complex Litigation

Conflict of law private international
Constitutional law
Construction and litigation
Consumer law
Contract law
Copyright law
Creditor rights
Criminal Trial Advocacy
Cryptography law
Cultural property law
Custom law)
Cyber law






Dispute resolution


Divorce Mediation

Dog Bites Domestic Violence
Drug control law
Drugs law

E discovery Education law
Eminent domain law
Employee benefits law
Employment Law
Employment litigation law
Energy law
Entertainment & sports law
Environmental law
Environmental litigation law  
Estate trust litigation
Estate planning

Estate Probate Law

Elder law
Expunge Criminal Record

Family law

Family Trial Advocacy law
Farm Law Federal Crimes
Financial services regulation law
Firearm charges law
Food and drugs law

Franchise Law



Health and safety law

health care law
Health law
Housing law
Immigration law

Injured Law

Injuries Law

Injury Law

Insolvency law
Insurance coverage law

Insurance Litigation 

Intellectual property litigation law
International law
International human rights law
International humanitarian law
International trade and finance law
Internet law
Juvenile law

labor law
Landlord–tenant law

Land use - zoning

Legal aid/pro bono

Legal Malpractice

Legal Professional Liability

Legislative - governmental law
Lemon Car Law

Lemon Law

Litigation law

livestock Law

Lobbying law

Local Government Law
Local Municipal law
Marital Agreements

Martial law

Mass Tort law
Maritime law
Media and advertising
Medical law

Medical Malpractice

Medical Professional Liability

Mergers - acquisitions
Mesh implant injury



Military - veterans law
Mining law
Mortgage law

Municipal Local law


Native American


Natural Resources

Nursing Home Abuse

Obscenity law

Oil and Gas


Medical Malpractice - Personal injury
Military Motorcycle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Parliamentary law
Patent law

Pedestrian Accidents

Personal injury law

Pharmaceutical and drug Compliance Law

Police Misconduct
Poverty law
Prenuptial and Marital Agreements

Privacy law

Probate Law

Probation Violations
Professional Liability

Procedural law

Pro bono

products Liability law

Professional liability law
Property Division

Property Liability law
Public health law
Public International Law
Ranch Law

Range Law

Real estate law

Real estate Schools & education

Regulatory federal and state

Residential Real Estate

Seal Expunge Criminal Record
Securities corporate finance

Securities litigation

Sex Crimes

Sexual Harassment

Senior citizens

Social Justice

Social security

Space law
Spinal Cord Injuries

Sports law

Spousal Support

State, local & municipal law
Statutory law

Surety Tax law
Taxation Law

Tax law
Technology law

Tenant law 
Tort litigation law

Trade and finance law
Trademark law

Transportation law 
Transport law

Traffic Tickets

Transportation - maritime
Truck Accident Law
Trust litigation law

Utilities law

Visas Water law
Weapon Charges
Weed killer injury
White Collar Crime
Workers compensation  
Work Environment

Workplace Injuries

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Termination

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